We offer three types of cabins at Lits Camping.

The most popular choice is our 35 square meter Self-Catering Cabin. For a comfortable stay, this cabin has everything you need: your own kitchen, shower and bathroom. Enjoy breakfast on our newly built patios where you can watch the river Hårkan float by. Or why not take the opportunity for a barbecue-party in the bright Swedish summer nights; there is a barbecue-grill located close to every cabin.

Our Self-Catering Cabins are available for rent all throughout the year. They are a popular choice for companies during the autumn and winter seasons. Every cabin has its own parking lot and motor heater.

The camping season runs from May to September. Between this time you can rent our affordable Timber Cabins (16 square meters) and Camping Cabins (8 square meters). They come without running water: Showers, toilets and kitchen are located in the service building around 100 meters away.

Read more about our cabins below, or make a reservation directly through Sirvoy.

Self-Catering Cabin 35 sqm

495 - 965 SEK/night

Our most popular cabin is available both with 4+1 beds and 6-beds. We have a total of 12 Self-Catering Cabins on the grounds; ten of them are 4+1 (the extra bed is a sofa-bed), and two are 6-beds. Since 2016 we have added sun-decks and barbeque grills next to each cabin. We offer several discounts […]

Timber Cabin 16 sqm

365 - 665 SEK/night

Our Timber Cabin is a great alternative to the larger Self-Catering Cabin, albeit smaller and more simple. Built in 2002 it is a fairly spacious camping cabin without water. We offer several discounts during off-season. Timber Cabin 16 sqm Date Price/night 1 pers* Price/night 2+ pers 3-6 nights special Week 1 May – 20 June 365 465 Last night […]

Camping Cabin 8 sqm

265 - 465 SEK/night

Our most simple cabin still has everything you need for a comfortable camping experience. A great place to stay and sleep, but perhaps not spend all day in. In total we have 11 Camping Cabins for rent. We offer several discounts during off-season. Camping Cabin 8 sqm Date Price/night 1 pers* Pris/night 2+ pers 3-6 nights special Week 1 […]

Caravan & Camper

190 - 280 SEK/night

Camping with a caravan/camper at Lits Camping is easy, affordable and comfortable. Included in the price is access to showers, toilets, kitchen and wifi service. Pick the spot you like – first come first served. Feel free to consult the map below. Map over Lits Camping All prices in Swedish Krona (SEK). Prices listed are per caravan/camper. Date Price/night* w/electricity […]


95 SEK/night

Put up your tent close to nature at Lits Camping. Either by the side of the river Hårkan or closer to the service building. Included in the price is access to showers, toilets, kitchen and wifi service. All prices in Swedish Krona (SEK). Prices listed are per person. Date Price/night/person* Price/week/person 1 May – 20 June 95 570 […]