Here you may find the answer to some Frequently Asked Questions. Of course, you can always Contact us directly.

What payment methods are available at Lits Camping?
It is possible to pay by credit card, cash or Swish.

Do you accept foreign currency?
We accept Norwegian krona (NOK), but we can’t offer any rate. We do not exchange foreign currency.

What is your opening times?
Our self-catering cabins are available for rent all year around. The camping and canoe season runs from May to September.

What if I arrive late and the reception is closed? 
If you need to rent a cabin, please contact us by phone port on the side of the main entrance. If you want to stay the night with a camper/caravan/tent just find a spot and pay in the morning (remember to keep quiet if it’s very late as not to disturb other guests). During peak season the reception is open 08:00 to 22:00.

What time is last time for check-out? 
12.00 at the latest.

I do not want to clean the cabin myself, is it possible to buy this service?
Yes, we offer cleaning service, please see our Terms and Conditions.

We have to depart very early, where do we leave the key? 
If you’ve rented a cabin you may leave the key in the box by the reception main entrance. The reception normally opens at 08.00. If you’ve stayed the night in a camper/caravan/tent and already payed you don’t need to wait for the reception to open before you leave.

Is it difficult to go canoeing?
Paddling a canoe is not very difficult at all. We offer everything from rental by the hour up to several week-long trips. If you lack experience, we are happy to show you the basics before you set out. For day trips, there’s no need to make a reservation; just show up when we are open in the reception!

How far in advance should I book my canoe trip?
We recommend you make a reservation at least a couple of months in advance. For July and August as early as 3-4 months in advance is recommended. This is especially important if you are not very flexible in terms of dates. First come first served applies. However, we are flexible and most matters can – in our experience – be solved so that everyone is happy.

At what time is it possible to go canoeing in Jämtland? 
Every year is different, but usually no earlier than mid-May. It very much depends on the weather and when the ice comes off. In autumn it is possible to paddle until the end of September. If you are not afraid of chilly nights, autumn is an incredible time to venture out into the nature of Northern Sweden.